Production: Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery

  • Title : Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery
  • Duration : 5 x 30
  • Broadcaster : ABC1



Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery is a new documentary series for ABC1 in which the always entertaining Julia Zemiro walks a well-known funny person down memory lane, uncovering the forces and events that have shaped them, and created the person we know today.Shot completely on location, each episode begins with Julia picking up the guest. From there they travel through time – or on a tram, whichever is quicker – to the guest’s childhood home. Along the way, they discuss life and love, past and future.


At the childhood home, the guest has a moment to consider the directions life has taken and the paths that have been wandered. Then they take Julia past old hang outs, past scraped knees, past primary schools and first kisses, past indelible memories.


Our guests come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The first episode features comedian and actor Alan Brough who returns to his hometown of Hawera in New Zealand. It’s been eight years since he last visited, and his reaction is thoughtful, honest and at times raw.

Carl Barron is one of the most successful comedians Australia has producer, and one of the most enigmatic. He grew up in the rough of tumble of Queensland’s Burleigh Heads, and despite debuting his standup to his second grade classmate, it was another twenty years before he established himself on the country’s stages. Another slow burn to success, Shane Jacobson not only takes Julia to his childhood home in suburban Melbourne, but also to meet his parents. Proud of his working class roots, his comedy and eternal optimism are founded in his family, a tradition he is hoping to pass onto his children.  Noeline Brown is a legend of Australian comedy, and takes Julia back to her inner Sydney upbringing in the ‘40s and 50s. John Safran takes Julia back to his leafy upbringing in Melbourne’s white-bread suburbia and explains what forged the curiosity that took him to be one of Australia’s most provocative storytellers.


Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery is intimate, natural and revealing. It shows that our pasts, our presents and our futures are all there inside us, just waiting to come out.

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